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See below for all the best slots bonus deals available... If the casino has a little american flag next to the logo, this signifies that they accepts bets from American Players. Also look out for the Gold Stars on the images, which signify Exclusive Bonuses.


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A lot of people still do not fully understand how slots bonus deals work. So let's try and sort it out once and for all.

To start, online casinos want as many players to play at their casino as possible. Bonus deals are offered as an incentive to potential players to play at their casino. The bigger the bonus deal offered, the more likely people are drawn to that offer. This is why some bonus deals seem massive in comparison to others. They are trying to incentivise you to play at their casino rather than their competitors. A lot like what supermarkets do every day up and down the country with buy one get one free offers. They are incentivising you to shop with their supermarket rather than their competitors.

However not all that glitters is gold. Because there are always terms and conditions attached. I mean in reality you can not expect to get something for nothing. Especially hundreds or thousands of pounds, dollars or euros in cash.

Conditions of slots bonuses usually come in the form of wagering requirements also known as (turn requirements). These are displayed like x20 or x25 etc on this site. This means the bonus amount must be wagered a certain amount of times, before a player can withdraw any winnings.

So for instance. Lets say you received a £100 bonus from a casino, and you have a x25 wagering requirement. You would then have to place many bets totalling atleast £2,500 in total before you were eligible to withdraw any money from your account.

This may seem rather unfair & rather pointless. As why would online casinos give free money away and then force you to wager it X amount of times in order to be able to withdraw anything. Well the simple answer is, they would go out of business faster than a fast food restaurant offering free food. If casinos gave bonus deals to anyone and everyone for free with no terms and conditions attatched. Then everyone would just withdraw their bonus money immediately and the casinos would go bankrupt pretty fast.

So online casinos offer bonus deals in order to get you to play at their establishment. And it is your job to pick and choose between what the casino offers in terms of games, bonus deals and other things in order to make the most of your online gaming experience. And of course we here, at are attempting to help you out by breaking down the barriers.



Another thing to think about when choosing your bonus is the bonus wagering restrictions. Because some casino games have better odds built in to the games, such as roulette. It would be easier for players to complete their wagering requirements by betting a certain way. Take roulette for instance.

If casinos allowed you to play roulette to clear your wagering requirements, they would lose almost everytime. Because players could just put all their money on Red & Black covering their odds of 2:1 and spin the wheel 25 times. As long as the wheel did not land on zero then the wagering requirement would be fulfilled. To stop this and other abuses of the bonus money. Wagering requirements are restricted to certain games. Usually slots, keno and scratch cards.

Many casinos are now starting to offer more games where wagering requirements can be fulfilled but to compensate for the better odds a game has they increase the wagering requirements to compensate for the more favourable game odds. This is standard practice and is nothing to worry about.



One last thing about bonus deals is that they are not compulsory. Meaning if you wish to play at an online casino because you like the games on offer or you just love the graphical interface of the software but do not like the bonus offered. You can usually opt-out of the bonus altogether. This will usually require you to contact customer support before you deposit and wager any money.

Just sign up, register your account and then contact customer support to have the incentive bonus feature removed from your account. This means that any money you win will automatically be yours to withdraw. Without any wagering requirements attatched. Have Fun & Good Luck!.